Ziggy Smart E-Mopeds
by Yadea

Ziggy has partnered with Yadea,Yadea Mopeds the world's #1 best selling Smart E-Moped with more than 6 million units sold in 77 countries last year.

Ziggy Smart E-Moped Features:

  • Removable Panasonic Quick Charging Lithium battery
  • Large LCD speedometer display
  • Smart phone sync with alarm
  • Dual Satellite GPS Positioning
  • LED headlight, high definition tail light
  • Carbon alloy frame
  • Racing type gas rear shocks
  • Front & rear disc brakes
  • 16 million color mood lighting
Innovation At The Forefront

Innovation Driven

Electric vehicles (EVs) are big news right now. Thanks to a growing awareness of the need to take better care of our planet, the EV market is growing rapidly. Consumers want smart, green mobility. As with any new technology, innovation is constant. At Ziggy, we are on top of all latest EV developments and are always looking for ways to get smarter, more convenient and more efficient.

The Ziggy Advantages

Class Apart

01Assembled in USA

We are helping to keep jobs in the country, minimizing our carbon footprint and proclaiming national pride.

02Class Leading Batteries

Our class leading, high energy density smart battery technology enables OEMs to make portable devices smaller, lighter and safer.

03Proven Design

Ziggy vehicles boast of modern and functional design aimed at performance and utility through workable, proven design techniques.


Our electric vehicles are tested extensively across various environments to ensure reliability and durability.

05Market Tested

Ziggy is proud of having a vast footprint which allows us to test our products across global markets.

06Warranty Support

Our dedicated parts and tech help team is here to ensure quick and effective warranty support across our entire dealer network around the world.

07USA-Wide Reach

We are an American company at heart and have established a wide-reaching dealer and support base across the USA

08Global Footprint

Based on 4 continents, we have a global footprint to help us leverage expertise and developments in the EV world from across the globe.

Products for you

Our Range

Explore our range of Electric Vehicles – We have class-leading Smart E-Mopeds, Electric Street Legal Golf Cars (LSVs), Neighborhood Vehicles (NEVS) and E-Bikes for commutes, leisure, and recreational purposes.

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Ziggy is currently expanding and seeking franchised dealers to partner with. If you provide an excellent experience for your customers and want to position your business in a rapidly expanding segment of the power sports market, contact us soon.

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