Ziggy's Non-Lifted Golf Cart: A Blend of Luxury and Efficiency


When it comes to golf carts, Ziggy's Non-Lifted Golf Cart stands out as a remarkable choice for golf enthusiasts and leisure seekers alike. This state-of-the-art vehicle is equipped with a wide array of key components that enhance its performance, comfort, and functionality. From the cutting-edge lithium cell battery and powerful motor to the luxurious seats and advanced digital screen, Ziggy's Non-Lifted Golf Cart is designed to provide an exceptional golfing experience. Let's delve into the key components and features that make this golf cart a must-have for golf lovers.

Lithium Cell 48V105AH Battery

Ziggy's Non-Lifted Golf Cart is powered by a high-performance lithium cell battery, offering a substantial capacity of 48V105AH. This advanced battery provides long-lasting power, allowing golfers to enjoy extended rides without worrying about running out of energy. With its impressive energy efficiency and superior lifespan compared to traditional lead-acid batteries, the lithium cell battery ensures reliable performance on the golf course.

5KW (AC) HS Motor

The 5KW (AC) HS Motor integrated into Ziggy's Golf Cart delivers a powerful and smooth driving experience. This motor provides ample torque and acceleration, enabling the golf cart to navigate various terrains effortlessly. Whether climbing hills or traversing rough paths, the motor ensures consistent and reliable performance.

Steel Frame with Powder Coating

The sturdy steel frame of Ziggy's Golf Cart provides exceptional durability and longevity. The frame is further enhanced with a powder coating, offering resistance against corrosion and environmental elements. This combination of strength and protective coating ensures that the golf cart withstands the test of time, providing a reliable and safe ride for years to come.

Extended Injected Plastic Roof and DOT Folding Windshield

Designed with the rider's comfort in mind, Ziggy's Non-Lifted Golf Cart features an extended injected plastic roof and a DOT folding windshield. The roof provides ample shade and protection from the sun, while the windshield shields the driver and passengers from wind, debris, and other elements. These features ensure a pleasant and enjoyable golfing experience, regardless of weather conditions.

Luxury Seats with Cross Stitch Design

Ziggy's Golf Cart takes comfort to the next level with its luxurious seats adorned with a cross-stitch design. These seats provide excellent support and cushioning, allowing golfers to relax during their rounds. The attention to detail in the design adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the overall aesthetic of the golf cart.

DOT LED Headlights and LED Taillights

Safety is a top priority in Ziggy's Non-Lifted Golf Cart, which is equipped with DOT LED headlights and LED taillights. The headlights offer a high and low beam function, ensuring excellent visibility during nighttime or low-light conditions. The taillights combine brake lights and turn signals, providing clear indications to other golfers on the course. These lighting features enhance safety and ensure a well-illuminated ride.

Advanced Digital Screen and Functions

The golf cart's 10-inch digital screen serves as the central hub for a range of functions and information. It displays vital data such as speed, mileage, power levels, and more

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